Monday, February 18, 2013

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Friday, January 18, 2013

How to be successful in life and control your financial future.

  • Want to take control of your financial future?
  • You should first learn to "be, do, have."
If any of the above sounds good to you, we have found an absolutely amazing way to create the life you have always wanted. 
First you will need to decide to be what it is you want to be.

Sounds simple right, but the truth is, it takes a lot of hard work, concentration and commitment to be something or someone who is successful at anything.

1. Remove all doubt by visualizing, thinking and seeing yourself already being successful in that life at all times.

Visualizing helps to fundamentally prepare your mind for the changes you want implement with regard to how you think about things unfolding in your life and the way you see yourself progressing toward achieving your goal(s).

Whatever it is you are striving for... be careful, take your time, be absolutely sure that you are working for something that it will truly add value to your life and does not create a negative impact or disruption to your present life.

The process you create should feel like growth. Don't waste energy thinking about what you don't want. Only think about what you really want.

2. Then you must "do" the things that make your visualization and new thought process reality.

Become educated in the work and life you are seeking to obtain and do the work.

3. If you can do this with consistency; you should be able to be, do and "have" whatever it is you want out of life.

To your success,

Friday, January 4, 2013

Are You Pretending to Be a Victim?

What will it take for you to have success in network marketing?

We all want to be successful at something. We all want to be a part of something that will lead us to a place where we feel like have made a difference in our live as well as the lives of others.  We are seeking to be significant.  

Watch this brief video. We hope you take from it the wisdom of not quitting on yourself or your goals.  

Get serious about doing what it takes to Not Quit!

To your success,

Sunday, December 23, 2012

A Passion for Success

A passion for achieving more in online marketing.

If you have ever struggled to make money online I completely understand how you feel. I too have felt the same way.  Sacrificing precious time and energy to get nothing or very little in return. Marketing on a tight budget and promoting in vein.
You find yourself wondering why you have such a compelling passion to create a rewarding lifestyle for yourself and others. 
Ultimately, I have found that "passion" is what it is all about. Having a passion for success that far too many do not have, a drive that keeps telling you that you can achieve more.
My friend, please do not give up on your dream of economic self-sufficiency just yet because I have also found that often when you least expect it something good comes along.  Something that make you feel great about putting in all the hard work. 
It is not just dumb luck either but it is even better and maybe more rewarding, some call it the "law of attraction". I call it creating momentum... practice and preparation moving you forward at the right time.
I have had the good fortune of staying focussed on my goals and piece by piece I have been putting together a reliable stream of home-based income. It took a little while but I can now also say, as I watch my business grow, was all worth it. 

Here are 4 Steps to Success:

1. Start with a business you believe in. One that has great product.
2. Master one marketing strategy. Keep in mind you may have to try a few before you find one you want to spend time mastering. Find one thagives you the tools you need to get started quickly.
3. Track where your success is coming from (online marketing, person to person selling, emailing, articles, social network, solo ads etc.).
4. Then focus on maximizing everything are doing to see more success in that area. Then do it again and again!
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Saturday, October 20, 2012

Every minute could mean more money.

When we make the right choices it seems like life just takes off.

Everything we do and everything we have is based on the decisions we have made in our lives.

This unique ability to decide allows us to make choices that impact the quality of our lives.
…and it is one of the factors that separate the successful from the not so successful.

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Sunday, August 12, 2012

Three way calls can help you to prosper in network marketing.

Using Three Way Calls to Profit In Network Marketing

One common obstacle network marketers face when dealing with prospects is that once they have finished their presentation the questions start flying. Three way calls help network marketers to establish credibility and effectively handle most of the questions a prospect has about the business opportunity.

Three Way Calls

The Three Way Call is simple to conduct.
The results of "Three Way calls" are not guaranteed but your odds of success are much higher than if you tried to do it all yourself. Well... at least until you become an expert yourself.

In marketing the marketers with more experience than you in the industry or within your business opportunity are your most valuable asset. Calling them to assist you with your sales process is one of the smartest things you could do.

Not only does it help to give you third-party credibility in the mind of the prospect, it also helps to take some of the pressure off of you.

Working with prospects can be stressful for both the marketer and the prospect but Keep in mind that you are helping someone who has important questions and concerns about starting their own network marketing business.

This can be challenging especially for someone who has little or no experience in network marketing. By putting them in touch with an expert in your business opportunity you can easily build trust, credibility and help to alleviate the prospect's stress by removing their uncertainty.

Step 1. Notify your up line or "veteran/expert" marketer that you will be calling for assistance with a prospect. Provide the up line or expert marketer with basic information about the prospect.

This will help the 3 Way call to go smoothly.

Step 2. Call the prospect and prepare them for the Three Way Call. Explain that you understand where they are coming from because you had similar questions or concerns before you got started in your business. You suggest that prospect hold on while you see if you can reach an expert that you know.

Step 3. Put you prospect on hold and call the "expert" marketer.

Step 4. Fill the expert in. Let him or her know who's on the line and what you just spoke about with the prospect.

Step 5. Introduce the two parties and be quite. Let the expert take over. I repeat, LET THE EXPERT TAKE OVER. 

You don't say anything unless the expert asked you directly.

Also be sure to take notes whenever the expert is on the line.

The bottom line is Three Way Calls are a staple of successful and productive network marketers.

Three Way Calls build third-party credibility and they help you to grow your business quickly. Remember, with a fast growing business usually comes fast growing income.

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Monday, May 14, 2012

Empower Yourself Starting Today

Empower Yourself 

Someone once said that during the great American Gold Rush more people earned fortunes selling the tools necessary to mine for gold than there were people getting rich digging for the gold.

If you comprehend the message contained within the previous statement then you will clearly understand the following.

Right now we are seeing the beginning of an emerging online marketing trend. Online network marketing is growing at a mind bending pace. Worldwide scores of people starting their own business each day and the numbers are truly staggering.

The opportunity for you lies in answering the right questions:

If the adage that only the top 3% of network marketers earn any real money is true then where will you find your profits? Will it be in selling the products and services these companies offer or will be in selling the tools network marketers need to carve out their income creating niche?

Savvy internet marketing professionals often agree that in network marketing and online marketing the three primary requirements for a business to grow is the regular influx of new leads or prospects, great products and a system that is easy for new members to duplicate.

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To your success,

Garry B. Coleman